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AAG – Post-Install Survey


Company Name:

How would you rate your recent installation experience?

How well did AAG understand the installation requirements prior to arriving on site to carry out the installation? 5 = They asked all of the right questions in advance and understood exactly what was required.

Are there any additional questions that AAG could have asked prior to the installation that would have improved the service?

Prior to arriving, how well did AAG communicate what would happen during the installation? 5 = We knew exactly when they would arrive and as much as we wanted to know about the installation process.

How prepared do you think that AAG were when they arrived to carry out the installation? 5 = All of the equipment and tools required were there and as much of the pre-installation work that could have been done had been carried out.

Did the installation team arrive on time?
  Yes   No

On a scale of 1-5 how courteous were the AAG team throughout the installation process? 5 = From the initial consultation through to the completion of training all of the AAG staff were polite and professional.

If you requested post install training, were the AAG staff able to supply this effectively?
  Yes, the AAG staff were great
  We would have preferred a third party professional trainer
  No training was requested and in hindsight we wish that we had
  No training was requested or required

AAG offer installation services for Telephone systems, IT systems, Door entry systems and offer cabling services. How likely would you be to recommend these services to other colleagues or contacts?
  Yes, definitely
  Not likely

Overall, how easy do you find it to do business with AAG? 5 = It is really easy to contact AAG and all of the departments ensure that our requirements are processed smoothly.

We thank you for your business. If you have time and feel comfortable to do so, we would greatly appreciate a short testimonial so that we can share your experience with others?

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