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AAG Cloud

The AAG cloud based systems mean that we can host your Telephone System, Computer /IT System and Door & Gate Entry system on the cloud.

AAG have been trusted advisors on all things IT and Telephony for over 20 years. The companies strength throughout has always been to remain forward thinking and having run the AAG cloud for some time we have the expertise to guide you through to the best cloud solution for your business. We are also partnered with Microsoft to be able to offer more certifications than any other cloud provider.

Our cloud offerings are so varied and scalable that they are beneficial to any business from start-ups all of the way through to FTSE 100 companies. Comforting news if you are in a business that is growing. By choosing AAG you are future proofing your IT and telephony systems, as your demands change we can scale up and down the various components.

AAG cloud solutions offer the highest quality lines that are very cost effective.

Cloud solutions allow remote workers either working from home or travelling, multisite companies based around the UK or globe to all work seamlessly together, sharing their company IT and Telephony systems.

We can guide you through the design, implementation and future reviews of your cloud space, fully customised to you and your budget.

Our dedicated, highly trained support team are on hand to assist before, through and after your move has been made.

Please call us on 0203 758 9000 if you wish to reassess your current cloud solutions, combine your IT and Telephony cloud or make a migration to cloud technology for the first time.

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