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Customer Satisfaction Survey


Company Name:

Do you consider AAG to be your main supplier of IT solutions?

Do you consider AAG to be your main supplier of Telecoms solutions?

What is the most important thing to you about the service we provide?

On a scale of 1-5 how well does AAG understand your business requirements? 5 stars = They understand us really well.

Do you feel that AAG respond in a timely manner to your telephone calls & emails? 5 stars = They never fail to answer in under a few hours or faster when we specify an urgency.

If you subscribe to one of our support packages, do AAG Helpdesk Support always respond within the time frame agreed in your level of cover? 5 stars = The team always respond in or under the agreed time.

What level of confidence does AAG give you that they know their subject matter? 5 stars = AAG really know what they are talking about.

How courteous and obliging do you find the AAG staff? 5 stars = Nothing is ever too much trouble.

If you are involved in the finance side, do you rate the products & services provided by AAG as value for money? 5 stars = AAG products and services, including service levels make them excellent value for money.

How well do AAG communicate with you about projects and issues that they are working on with you? 5 stars = AAG are really efficient and keep me regularly updated.

Are there any business areas that AAG do not currently cover which you think would be helpful to your organisation if they did?

How could AAG improve their service to you?

Would you recommend AAG to other organisations?

We thank you for your business. If you have time and feel comfortable to do so, we would greatly appreciate a short testimonial so that we can share your experience with others?

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