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On Premise Telephone Systems

AAG offer the latest in on premise telephone systems. The on premise telephone systems offer an alternative to the AAG cloud based Telephone System and other cloud based solutions, giving you choice and allowing AAG to give you the up-to-date professional advice required to make the decision on which type of system is best for your company. The on premise telephone systems are installed on your premises allowing you the ownership and control of your telephone system.

Whilst the initial upfront investment is higher than a cloud based system you should consider the lifetime cost. The monthly costs are lower and therefore offer a lower long term operating cost especially if you are the type of company that likes to make usage of your telephone system for its lifetime.

Some of the benefits that our on premise telephone systems offer:

Lower ongoing cost – As you purchase your Telephone System, software and handsets the monthly costs are lower over the lifetime of your system.

Greater control – There are no risks of fee increases.

Feature rich systems available – We are able to offer some feature rich solutions that could be perfect for your business.

Back up – You decide how and when your telephone system is backed up and hold your own backups.

You have complete control & flexibility – You can switch service providers for PSTN access or mix and match and have the ability to move easily.

Greater choice of handsets – You can choose from a wide range of handsets and mix and match as required. You can add surveillance equipment and door entry systems.

Securer calls – You are using your own telephone system running through your own server on your own premises.

Energy Efficient – Our modern day systems are highly energy efficient.

On Premise Telephone System

As a supplier of telephone, mobile & internet – lines & calls along with a wide choice of hand and headsets, AAG are very experienced in the whole business telephony solution. They realise that choosing a new telephone system can be daunting and by providing a knowledgeable team to work with you they can make the whole decision a lot easier. So, to discuss your business telephone system requirements further call 0203 758 9000.