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Cloud Based Telephone System

The AAG cloud based Telephone System offers a very modern alternative to the more traditional On Premise Telephone System. The AAG cloud based system eliminates the need for a physical telephone system to be installed on your premises. Instead the telephone handsets and/or softphones (a screen-based virtual phone) installed in your offices communicate via the internet and the system is hosted on the AAG cloud.

A new AAG cloud based Telephone System offers relative affordability. Cost savings might be seen as secondary to quality improvements and flexibility but never the less will impress your FD especially as it requires minimal capital outlay.

Some of the benefits that our cloud based system offers:

Lower set-up costs – As a there is no requirement for a Telephone System to be installed on your premises the only equipment required to be set-up on site are the telephone handsets.

Save on space – No need for extra space in the office to house the main telephone system as it is hosted on the AAG cloud.

Only need to rent/purchase precisely the number of telephones & lines required – Instead of having to purchase a telephone system today with capacity to allow for estimated future growth and excess lines which you don’t yet require. If you get this wrong and estimate too low you can quickly outstrip capacity. If you guess too large you can waste hard earned capital. The AAG cloud takes away the risk and allows you to be precise.

Easily and immediately expandable to meet fluctuating demand – If you do decide that you need some extra telephones you can purchase/rent some more at any time. This means that you expand your business either on the same site or on multiple sites without delay or replacing your telephone system.

Relocation costs – The telephone system is on the AAG cloud and so it is only the handsets that that need to be moved with you. You can unplug at your current office and plugin at your new office. This is particularly beneficial to companies who rent their offices or a company that it is putting off a new telephone system as a move is imminent. This is also far better than the traditional headache of trying to cancel an existing telephone contract and starting up a new one.

Reduced maintenance costs – The AAG cloud based system has an internet portal where support, maintenance and updates can be carried out.

Add new features immediately – Your company requirements may change and so if you decide that your company could benefit from a new feature in the future, as soon as you request it, the feature can be added instantly via the cloud and that goes for future developments as well. This lessens the risk of your phone system becoming outdated.

Customisable to individual user requirements – Traditional telephone Systems generally assumed that everyone had the same requirements but as the system administrator can easily control the system through the web portal, there is flexibility to customise the system around each user’s specific requirements.

Cloud Based Telephone System

Telephone numbers are portable – Calls can be smoothly switched between the office’s Wi-Fi network to the mobile network. This means that one number can be used for both the office and mobile, making communications easier for both customers and other employees. It also allows greater flexibility for workers to work from home on a regular basis or just in exceptional cases such as adverse weather conditions.

No geographical number restrictions – As our cloud system is routed over the internet, it does not reveal an area code of a local BT exchange. The benefit of this is that when staff are working in different locations it actually looks like they are working from the office. This can also work well for a company that needs to infer a particularly local location to their customers. This can not only work across multiple sites but also multiple countries.

Internal calls free of charge – This covers all of the telephones on your network whether they are based in your offices or at homeworkers homes.

As a supplier of handsets, telephone, mobile & internet lines and calls, AAG are very experienced in the whole telephony solution. They make sure that the upgrades and capabilities of the cloud are kept at a high level. Providing a safe and knowledgeable team to work with you. So, to discuss your business telephone system requirements further please call 0203 758 9000.